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We hope you’ll explore all the ministries and opportunities we offer and plan to visit this weekend. Clarkston United Methodist Church is a church with a caring heart and a commitment to connect people to people and people to God. Through this church, thousands of people have already found greater hope, purpose and meaning in their lives.

Searching for hope? Seeking answers? Need a friend to support you through life’s challenges? Want to give back to your community? Wherever you are coming from, whatever you are looking for, we welcome you.

Statement of Inclusion

At Clarkston United Methodist Church, we believe our mission is to help connect people to each other and to God. God's grace and love, as revealed in Jesus Christ, provide the foundation for our ministry. We believe every person is a child of God, and every person is invited to know God's grace. Nothing can separate us from the love of God in Christ.

We welcome all persons to our church without regard to age, race, gender, ethnic or cultural background, national origin, economic condition, marital status, sexual orientation, political affiliation, or any other means people use to categorize God's people. We recognize that there are differences among us, but we believe that we grow in grace when we embrace diversity in our circle. We are united by our love for Christ, despite the issues on which we may disagree. We believe we can love alike, even though we may not think alike, and we seek to welcome all people into Christian community and relationship with Jesus Christ.

We believe in God who is the Creator of all life. We believe God is more than we can fully understand or capture with our definitions. However, we do know the part of God who has sought to have intentional relationship with all of humanity since the beginning of time. We believe Jesus Christ was God who came into the world in human form. This Incarnation of God gives us the example of what our life could be like if we lived in holy relationship with God, others and ourselves. We believe that in his death Jesus destroyed the power death ultimately has over us and his Resurrection gave to us abundant life in this world and eternal life. In Jesus we can best know who God is and discover the purpose and possibility for our life.

We believe we are created to live in holy relationship with all people. Jesus called his followers to come together to serve as the hands and feet of Christ in the world. Our faith was always intended to be a communal faith. Each of us has a personal faith to live that thrives best when it is engaged in a holy community focused on Christ. That community is the church, wherever it gathers and was birthed and is now empowered by the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is God’s active presence and power in the life of the church and in the world today.

We are a people of grace. Following in the example of the Wesleyan tradition, we seek for grace to be the defining characteristic of our witness. We stand for what we believe with passion and allow grace to bind us with all whether they agree with us or not. We believe in inclusion instead of judgment and holiness over self-righteousness. Our task as the church is to serve God, live as disciples of Jesus Christ and create holy spaces for others to grow in their knowledge, experience and relationship with Christ. We work for justice in the world for all people.

We believe the Bible is God’s gift to us for knowledge, discernment and witness for our faith. When we encounter theological differences among Christians, we bear in mind John Wesley’s approach, “in essentials, unity; in nonessentials, liberty; in all things, charity.” We affirm the United Methodist teaching of Scripture, Tradition, Reason and Experience as our sources of Authority for the church and for our personal lives. The purpose of our life is found in two verses of Scripture. The first is Micah 6:8 (…what does the LORD require of you but to do justice, and to love kindness, and to walk humbly with your God) and Luke 10:27, “You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your strength, and with all your mind; and your neighbor as yourself.”

We believe our mission is to help connect people to each other in faith and all to God. We seek to live according to our Core Values. We humbly treasure our United Methodist connection and seek to fulfill our denominational mission of, “Making Disciples of Jesus Christ for the Transformation of the World”.

In 1841 the Clarkston Methodist Episcopal Church was chartered. There is little written to describe what those charter members thought their particular mission was as a church in the then rural countryside of Michigan. Over the years, the church offered worship, Christian education, fellowship and mission. The original church building was located at the corner of Buffalo and Church streets. After fire destroyed a number of frame buildings, the brick edifice at Church and Buffalo streets, which now serves as a private home, was built in 1897 and served the congregation for over 60 years.

In the 1950’s this congregation was an established presence in the community, lodged in one of the great historic buildings on E. Church and Buffalo street. In the middle of that decade, something stirred to challenge the status quo of this church. The historical retelling of what happened is still available from a few who were there at the time. A congregational member donated a seven acre site in 1957, where the current building now stands.

The congregation made the decision to move from its long loved location and build a new church. This kind of decision never comes casually in the life of a church. Over the years members attach a great deal of importance on the places where they have worshiped, married, baptized, buried and celebrated resurrection. The only way to be able to find the way to leave such a sacred location is to discover a greater calling and purpose that compels a decision to move. When our spiritual parents made the decision to come down the hill to the present location of the church, they were literally taking a huge step of faith. There was no certainty that God would bless their action that ministry would flourish or that others would come to share in the work. There was only the commitment to faithfully follow where they felt God was leading them.

The faithfulness of God quickly became evident by the vitality of ministry of the congregation. Some might perceive that people were drawn to this church because of the beauty of the building or the charisma of certain pastors or church program. The truth is that this congregation grew because whenever the people of God act in faith as they engage in mission, a blessing follows. Since that time, the church has maintained faithful ministry. Over those 42 years there have been the typical church life moments of comedy, pain, triumph and failure. Throughout it all, this congregation has had a significant presence in the community and engaged in quality ministry.


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