Each 11/2 hour workshop is based on a featured style, artist or technique. Students will learn about the artist, watch a brief project demonstration, and have individual hands-on time to create. Projects range in difficulty but all are manageable. The focus in on the creative process! You will likely complete most projects on your own time. The Creativity Workshop Gallery will display your artwork in CUMC’s Grand Hallway May 23-28th.


Matisse Paper Cutouts

Overview: Explore the ways Henri Matisse created his art, and how his struggle with eyesight led to his famous paper cutouts. Create a landscape piece by cutting out paper. Prerequisite: Bring a landscape photo and a pair of scissors for cutting paper


Block Printing

Overview: Linoleum carving and printing technique, Create a tree and explore the different techniques and styles block printing has, including Japanese prints that inspired artists like Van Gogh and Monet. Carve and create a block that will be used on paper with mixed media to create an art piece. Prerequisite: Bring a common object to class like a fork, flower, key, etc


Andy Warhol Block Print Collage

Overview: Creating a block print of a common object to form a collage created in Warhol’s factory in the 70-80’s.


Silhouette Art

Overview: This media is gaining in popularity. Using your picture, paint and sharpies create a 5 x 7 piece – perfect for Mother’s Day. Prerequisite: Bring picture of your favorite animal or a picture from a magazine or book


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