Refrigerator Theology

It seems like whenever I have company, or whenever I go to someone’s house, we always congregate in the kitchen. It doesn’t matter how nice the living room is, how comfortable the furniture would feel, or how much the host might prefer we gather in another room, it’s in the kitchen that we find ourselves. Perhaps it’s the food. Maybe it’s because we don’t want the one hosting to be left alone as he or she prepares. It just seems that the kitchen is the heart of the home. It’s in the kitchen that we are so often nourished. It is there that our thirst is quenched. When my kids come home from school they make a beeline to the refrigerator, thirsty or hungry. And often, that’s where they find me. It’s at the kitchen table that they do their homework, we have family dinner, where we play a game, or thumb through messages on our phones. Throughout the months of July and August our worship will gather around the theme of “Refrigerator Theology.”

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