Receive Care


Prayer Request

Please let us know how we can be praying for you! There are a number of ways to share prayer requests:

  • Filling out a prayer card on Sunday mornings
  • Filling out a request online
  • Texting PRAYER to (248) 845-1440
  • Calling the church office: (248) 625-1611
When you share a prayer request, please indicate if the request is confidential or if you wish the request to be shared on our weekly prayer email list.

Sign up for the Prayer Concern and Celebration Email

Join us in praying for the needs of our faith community each week. Public prayer requests will be shared weekly by this email list. Significant life events that are shared with the church, like news of births or deaths, will also be shared via the Prayer Concern and Celebration email distribution list. Sign up  online

CareNotes: A Resource for You

What do you say to a friend who has cancer? How do you talk with a child about death? How can you support a friend with depression? “CareNotes” pamphlets address these questions and more. Each pamphlet provides basic information that may help address a specific topic, like hospice, grief, or caregiving for a parent. A selection of pamphlets are conveniently located in several places throughout the building. If traveling to the building is not a possibility for you, contact Pastor Megan to learn how we can connect you with these resources,  Pastor Megan Walther

Let us Know What’s Happening in Your Life

Please let us know when major events happen in your life, so that we can be in prayer and offer support. Whether you are scheduling a surgery, welcoming a new baby, or mourning the loss of a loved one, please tell the church! Share your news by calling the church office, submitting a prayer request, or by contacting the clergy directly. Contact | Pastor Megan Walther

If You Want a Visit, Please Tell Us!

Throughout COVID, clergy and Congregational Care Ministers have not been able to make visits. Even now, many hospitals and nursing homes are restricting visitation, and we understand that family and friends will often occupy available visitor spots. Visitation policies in these facilities may continue to shift throughout the fall, and we know that different families have different comfort levels and different needs. Given the unusual times, it’s helpful to hear what is most meaningful for you and your family. If you are in a hospital or care facility and would like a visit, please tell us. If you’d like to receive a visit call the church office, submit a prayer request, or contact the clergy directly. Contact | Pastor Megan Walther

Share a Prayer Shawl

Do you know someone who is going through a difficult time, or who could use a bit of extra love and support? Consider taking them a prayer shawl, knit by a volunteer from Clarkston UMC. Prayer shawls are located near the parlor. Please check the list to see if the person to whom you’d like to give a shawl has received one already. Contact | Pastor Megan Walther


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