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Look Again: Can You See It?

We see many things around us in the world today that affect us deeply, bring us despair, frustration, fear and apathy. Whenever Jesus encountered and opportunity to help his disciples see things in another way, he gave them a simple gift, a parable. The parables he taught continue to invite us to see the world in a new way.

The Church at its Best

by Rev. Rick Dake

Who knew fourteen weeks ago, we would have been outside of the building this entire time or that we would worship fourteen or more Sundays on screens. Yet in that time, you have been a faithful community. You have been a faithful congregation in the way you come into worship, the way that you continue to grow in your faith, the way you have engaged in all the classes, and supported the mission and ministries of Clarkston United Methodist Church.

I think about where we were three months ago, when we were extremely anxious as there were several unchartered territories out in front of us. I was humbled to see the lesson of generosity. Generosity can overcome fear. Generosity can happen when people's hearts are right and committed. You can say that and you can even preach it, but when you watch it happen, it's just an amazing miracle and blessing. I just can't thank this congregation enough for how blessed I am to be a part of this moment in time.

Thank you for your generosity this year. It's such a blessing that you are part of this ministry, and we are thankful for you. You have shown great leadership in managing the church's resources and even greater generosity in funding the ministries. You have continued the mission of connecting people to people and letting the community know that Clarkston United Methodist Church cares.


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