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Past Messages
Christmas Traditions
Join us for a heartwarming worship series this Christmas season as we explore the rich tapestry of holiday traditions that bring joy, warmth, and meaning to our lives. Through uplifting messages, festive music, and shared reflections, we'll delve into the timeless customs that connect us to the true spirit of Christmas. Come discover the beauty of cherished traditions that unite us in love, gratitude, and the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ.
Dare to Dream
Since the completion of the building expansion in 2018, we have soared to new heights in ministry and outreach. This Fall, we will launch our Dare to Dream Generosity Challenge, which is focused on supporting the Annual Operating budget and completing our Capital Mortgage commitment.
Come Together
Music is powerful. Music can inspire us. Join us as we pair the power of music with scripture in a series inspired my the music of the Beatles. Here we can Come Together and grow in faith.
CUMC @ the Movies 2023
Movies are important to us. Sunday morning worship will explore lessons of faith found in popular movies, ranging from recent releases to classic films. You're invited to join us as we watch favorite movies, new and old, and discover connections between movies and the gospel
Christmas Carols
This Advent our sermon series is all about Christmas carols. Sometimes we don’t always examine the words and consider what the songs are saying. Our Advent worship will do just that. I hope you’ll consider what words resonate with you and shape your faith. I believe it will be a meaningful time together. I look forward to sharing this sacred time of waiting through music!
Rise up; this matter is in your hands. We will support you, so take courage and do it.
It Takes a Village
The church is a village. Our village is shaped by mission statement and core values We all need a village not just to raise a family, but to journey through life.